The Isolation

This week my painting partner, Renee Berthelette, and I mounted our first joint exhibition at First Live Studio in Brooklyn, as part of the their 30 days to Rock festival, for which we’ll be doing interviews about the work and a painting performance, in the coming two weeks. Our series of 8 paintings, connected to […]

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Yes… but not that kind. I’ve reading Kim Gordon’s Girl in Band and Richard Hell’s I was a very clean Tramp, and I’ve really been resonating with a lot of what I’ve been reading, particularly of all things, to do with performance and masks. This was the initial quote in Girl in Band that really […]

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1000 words to sing you a song: art and opera

I came across this article the other day, of two artists first ventures into opera. I’d been investigating the work of Lesley Dill, for a little bit, loving her text based costume sculptures, and E.V I already knew about from her ventures into exploding couture- I first saw her exploded Marilyn Monroe dress ( […]

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Concrete Words

A Heap of Language, Robert Smithson “This much is already known: for every sensible line of straightforward statement, there are leagues of senseless cacophonies, verbal jumbles and incoherances.”* So, I finally decided to blog about what started this entire site in the beginning: text and art. I’ve been thinking about it recently, after I obtained a […]

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