We Wear The Mask

This week I’ve been gearing up for a new play reading of ‘The Mis-Education of America’ by Rajendra Rahoon Maharaj, incorporating writings by the Letter of Marque Theatre Company Ensemble around metaphorical mask wearing during these times. It’s a timely dissection of self created facades we use around each other to survive, to fit into […]

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Sonic Arcade

When I was little I used to listen to an old walkie talkie I had found in the garage, bringing it into the house and curled up in the dark, I would turn the dial, tuning in and out of frequencies, in and out of other peoples lives, listening and piecing together the fragments like […]

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Dear Raymond

I stumbled across these a while ago. I’ve liked Raymond Pettibon for a while, dragged to go see a gallery full of his drawings in 2003 by a friend who was a huge Black Flag fan (his brother is Greg Ginn; he started off doing posters and album art in the hardcore scene) which looking […]

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