By the light of a bloody moon

I’m excited to be designing with Opera Dell’Arte this summer and to get the creative juices running, I created a series of collage as a jumping off point. The show they are inspired by is Princess Maleine. The original play was by Maurice Maeterlinck, in a new production by Composer Whitney George and Librettist and […]

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So I thought I’d play with the idea of collage and sound, after seeing a fantastic collage by David Michael Reyes, on instagram (see here for the post.) All in all, I think it needs to be animated somehow, but this is just the first stage, so we’ll see how it goes from here.   […]

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On Psychogeography

NYC, fabric on wood, 18″ by 24″, 2014 REJ, fabric on card, 18″ by 24″, 2015 When I first moved to NYC, I looked for a map. In London there’s the A to Z a handy small map book you can take everywhere. But that doesn’t exist in NYC, people just asking others which way […]

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Kaleidoscope Hearts

I’ve become a little obsessed with kaleidoscopes recently, I guess with the New Year upon us, the idea of seeing things through a new filter is interesting to me. And the idea that by rotating the way we perceive things- however minute the turn, we can change how we see them. In this new political […]

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It’s been a while, in fact 4 months since I’ve made any collages of my own, and so in a fit of creativity, I made 2 small collages in an old 50s history book, with doubles as a sketchbook, and forces me to interact with the existing text and images, giving context to both, whether […]

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The Truth’s in the Dirt

There is only Truth in the Dirt. I took a bath tonight, and bored and not having a magazine within arms-reach, I stared at my legs for a long time, weirdly transfixed, like you do at one of those magic eye paintings that I can never really do anyway. Not that I haven’t really looked […]

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