Azalea in the Garden, 2022

Childrens Book Illustratration, Private project for my niece with pictures of all the flowers in her grandmothers’ garden.

TINSTY Lenormand Cards and Witch! Playing Cards, 2020

Made for Make Playing Cards’ Online Store shop- 2 sets of playing cards- a set of 36 LenormandnFortune Telling Cards and a Set of 38 Witch! Playing Cards.

Hudson Valley Seeds Packet Competition, 2022

Hand drawn and coloured watercolour and original typography, layered in photoshop to create unique botantanical images. Included are the original sketches for process.

Folklore Week, 2020

This was a series of drawings submitted to Instagram’s Yearly Folktale Week, a week of illustratrations with a daily theme.

Sketchbook, 2022

Personal sketchbook images with an emphassis on drawing the figure

A Series of Animations created to tease Timothy Stoddard’s as of now unpublished book, The Bluestone Folklore. Created in watercolour with added digital effects.