Commissioned work

Still Single Cover for Elly Kace 2022

Creation of Digital Collage Art Work for the singer Elly Kace’s single Still. Elly wanted a image that referenced the story of the song, particially inspired by her grandparents love story and of one lovers strngth when the other has passed. I used her photographs of her grandparents combined with an analog collage layered to create this piece.

On We Go! Blog 2022

The blog’s creator, writer and filmmaker, Bonnie Hawthorne, contacted me for her new substack venture and asked for me to create some playful digital collage to illustrate her writer work, using specific items she selected. Some were used on her blog and some others as advertisements on her Instagram.

Nightingale Songs, Frisson Films 2020

Creation of original artwork inspired by the songs created by librettist Bea Goodwin and composer Rossa Crean, to be used as moving titles in an operatic short film by Frisson Film. The piece was inspired by the myth of Philamena. The librettist and creator, Bea Goodwin requested a series of birds to be filmed being drawn to bring the the piece to life.

Maliene, Opera Dell Arte 2019

Costume Mood Boards and Illustrations for the new Opera Maliene, based on the fairytale The Princess Maliene. This opera was being developed and written as I started working with the director, so my work was really helpful to start visualizing characters and helping inform the world creating process. The world was very dark, tragic and yet childlike, so I used that for my illustrations, to help get performers into the world.

Costume Illustrations for Callisto, A Opera based off the Greek Myth of the same name which we decided to modernize and make accessible to a younger audience.

The director was looking for fun, quirky characters that would resonate with the modern world and draw in a less tradtition opera audience. I was brought a month before rehearsals to make mood boards and develop characters with her from the 1 dimensional libretto and really bring them to life before singers were involved. As singers came rehearsals and fittings characters evolved, but my groundwork with the director was like the first layer of paint in this process!