Yes… but not that kind. I’ve reading Kim Gordon’s Girl in Band and Richard Hell’s I was a very clean Tramp, and I’ve really been resonating with a lot of what I’ve been reading, particularly of all things, to do with performance and masks. This was the initial quote in Girl in Band that really […]

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The Library of Water 

   I visited Roni Horn’s Library of Water yesterday while in Iceland, and then while wandering around town I found the regular library, and a very helpful librarian who was fantastic in finding me all the books they have on her and useful infomation around the subject. The project is a interesting one, seemingly simple, […]

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Text Home.

Once upon a time- 12 years ago- I lived in San Francisco. It was just for a year, fresh out of college, interning at a theatre, broke as all hell, living on fumes and alcohol, but it was one of my favourite years ever. Because I loved that city. I loved how the people in […]

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Belief + Doubt = Sanity

“Belief is tricky, because left to it’s own devices it can court a kind of surety, that fears doubt and destroys difference.” Barbara Krugar I just came back from D.C, the first time I’ve been, and a nice change from NYC for 2 seconds. It didn’t resemble my collagescape from this blog months ago (which […]

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Moving words

“I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren’t.” — Barbara Kruger So today I found out that the LA Fund for Public Education and ForYourArt  is initiating what is the first of  a couple art projects to promote awareness of the arts in […]

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A splash of colour for heaven

Cy Twombly died this week and so in his memory I’m posting some of my favourite images. For those that don’t know of him he was a contemporary and friend of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenburg , also one of my absolute favourites, though sadly less well known. He beat out his own path, and […]

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Dear Raymond

I stumbled across these a while ago. I’ve liked Raymond Pettibon for a while, dragged to go see a gallery full of his drawings in 2003 by a friend who was a huge Black Flag fan (his brother is Greg Ginn; he started off doing posters and album art in the hardcore scene) which looking […]

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1000 words to sing you a song: art and opera

I came across this article the other day, of two artists first ventures into opera. I’d been investigating the work of Lesley Dill, for a little bit, loving her text based costume sculptures, and E.V I already knew about from her ventures into exploding couture- I first saw her exploded Marilyn Monroe dress ( […]

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