Just Breathe

In the absence of a to-do list, which I felt completely incapable of crossing off, I decided I should allow myself to just breathe. My only tasks, get out of bed, and be. I may have shut off the news, indulged in a lot of Instagram self help posts, and also started collecting images of […]

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A list in the time of Corona

In my other life I’m a production supervisor for the Metropolitan Opera, a job I find thoroughly enjoy, crossing off lists to get things done is so incredibly satisfying to me. Productivity and having something tangible to show for your efforts at the end of day, always seemed to be a big part of my […]

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A couple of friends asked me to start making some collage for a project, which I’m excited to part of. A small series of Opera Vignettes by Rossa Crean and Bea Goodwin, looking at the Kavanaugh hearings through the lens of the Myth of Philomena. Elyse Kacacek will be singing this beautiful piece and the […]

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To Tea

To drink your feelings: feels relevant right now, the upgraded version of sheet-caking. With all the political turmoil (yes that’s the polite word I’m going with) it’s surprising we haven’t drunk ourselves to death. For me tea is the drink- for tears, tragedy, disappointment. With a history of depression in my family, even in college […]

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By the light of a bloody moon

I’m excited to be designing with Opera Dell’Arte this summer and to get the creative juices running, I created a series of collage as a jumping off point. The show they are inspired by is Princess Maleine. The original play was by Maurice Maeterlinck, in a new production by Composer Whitney George and Librettist and […]

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Seeing Red

About 10 years ago, I made a short film, rushed to edit it to show at a showing, and then on the night, the dvd wouldn’t play. After 1/2 hour of frantically trying to get it to work, I took it as a sign. It didn’t really feel complete in a way I was happy […]

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Sonic Arcade

When I was little I used to listen to an old walkie talkie I had found in the garage, bringing it into the house and curled up in the dark, I would turn the dial, tuning in and out of frequencies, in and out of other peoples lives, listening and piecing together the fragments like […]

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