One last piece of calm

It’s been a crazy last month. Me and Renee launched our gallery space at First Live in Bushwick, which normally would have had foot traffic from the coffee shop, into a virtual void instead, social media posting, blogging, podcasting (with the awesome Bud & Roach), interviews at Territory – a virtual club, streaming our own virtual performance to promote it, engaging on Reddit.

I’ve never been so exhausted. It’s been a crash course of marketing, and the business side of art, which has never been my forte. As a costume designer I promote my shows a week before with posts and an email, but I’ve never had to keep it up for an entire month, and mostly I just want to crawl back under my rock, so I can breathe, take in some new inspiration, and start painting again.

To all the fellow artists out there, how do you do it?

Because I know there are many fabulous artists, without representation, selling their work from their Insta and living off it, which would be a life goal right now.

But It has been feeling like swimming against the tide every step of the way! The painting to marketing balance has left me feeling creatively bankrupt.

This last painting we did together, actually one of the rejects from the Aqueous Ion Dissolution series has been my own last piece of self- enforced calm…

(and in the name of marketing) Prints are now available from $40 at Saatchi


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