A couple of friends asked me to start making some collage for a project, which I’m excited to part of. A small series of Opera Vignettes by Rossa Crean and Bea Goodwin, looking at the Kavanaugh hearings through the lens of the Myth of Philomena. Elyse Kacacek will be singing this beautiful piece and the process of my collage and Bea Goodwin’s writing will join clips of her singing,

Tereus, in Greek legend, king of Thrace, or of Phocis, who married Procne, daughter of Pandion, king of Athens. Later Tereus seduced his wife’s sister Philomela, pretending that Procne was dead. In order to hide his guilt, he cut out Philomela’s tongue. But she revealed the crime to her sister by working the details in embroidery. Procne sought revenge by serving up her son Itys for Tereus’s supper. On learning what Procne had done, Tereus pursued the two sisters with an ax. But the gods took pity and changed them all into birds, Tereus into a hoopoe (or hawk), Procne into a nightingale, and Philomela into a swallow.”

From Enclopedia Brittanica Online

My collages are a series of birds- swallows, hummingbirds and nightingales, birds like the women caged by their memories and like female nightingale, unable to sing after their trauma.

It feels important to be keep this in the memory of society right now as domestic abuse is increasing with the stay at home measures. There are ways to be heard, you can get protection, you will be able to fly from your cage and sing.

Nightingale, a new project by Frisson Films, coming soon…

The National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233.

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