To Tea

To drink your feelings: feels relevant right now, the upgraded version of sheet-caking. With all the political turmoil (yes that’s the polite word I’m going with) it’s surprising we haven’t drunk ourselves to death. For me tea is the drink- for tears, tragedy, disappointment. With a history of depression in my family, even in college was I conscious of the fact that if I was feeling sad in anyway, I shouldn’t allow myself to drink: it wasn’t safe. Unfortunately, I have proved myself right on a couple occasions.

Tea is always a better solution.

When a writer/ director friend send me recipes for a feeling and a mood, they became cups of tea- tonics & exorcisms.

These are the first of 2.

A recipe for Melancholy & A recipe for a Quixotic hour

recipe for melancholy

1 cup earl grey

a teaspoon of tears

a dash of memory

cut up letters from an old love letter


recipe for a quixotic hour!

1 birthday cake, blended

a 12 ounce fizzy, silly soda

pour together in a Sundae glass

insert a skewer of gumdrops & bonbons

mix baileys into a clotted cream, lather on top

add a banana

Writing Prompt by Be Goodwin

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