Kaleidoscope Hearts


I’ve become a little obsessed with kaleidoscopes recently, I guess with the New Year upon us, the idea of seeing things through a new filter is interesting to me. And the idea that by rotating the way we perceive things- however minute the turn, we can change how we see them.

In this new political climate, especially, it seems important to figure out what we can twist and turn so that we are not just plunged into the darkness.

I started with this image of  Robert Longo’s- “Untitled (Throne Room)”,charcoal on paper,  2015-16, which was in the NYTimes recently with one of Jorie Graham’s poems and it touched me and inspired me to give kaleidoscope making a go.  If you don’t know of his work, he’s an artist working in charcoal to create photorealistic pictures and also recreations of other artists work, also in charcoal, which are just stunning to see.

The full article can be seen here



And then I moved on to old paintings and collages of my own-





For more on Robert Longo see his page on the gallery Metro Picture Galleries

There’s also a fantastic intro to his work in Kaleidoscope 

And here– from where the picture below was taken, which will surely be the inspiration for something else…


Robert Longo, Untitled ( City of Glass), 2009, Charcoal on mounted paper.

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