Lucky Cards: creating tarot collage

The last few months have been really busy with work, and although it’s finally started to slow down, it’s also been really great in terms of forcing me to make my own creative pieces as an outlet.

I got a little fixated on the Tarot cards. Niki De St Phalle’s  Tarot Garden in Italy that a good friend’s mother showed me years ago in Switzerland, when I was going through a really rough spot, has been a huge influence on me, and then 4 months ago I started reading Italo Calvino’s The Castle of Crossed Destinies, a kind of modern Cantonbury Tales, with stories illustrated by drawing tarot cards, and told without words. I also read Rachel Pollack’s The Tarot of Perfection, another collection of stories all inspired by the cards, and which talked more about the history of creating stories with tarot, including Calvino’s process when he wrote The Castle of Crossed Destinies. All of which induced these

10 wheel of fortune11.Justice8. strength copy15 the devil9 the hermit 5. hieroplant copy 7 chariot copy 0 The fool6. lovers copy  3 empress copy  1. Magician copy2. the high preistess copy 12the hangman 13 death 14 Temperance 17 the star 19 the sun copy20. Judgement16. the tower   18 Moon 21. the world

For more on Niki De St Phalle’s garden here

For more on Rachel Pollack see here

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