Nothing is lost forever

I randomly re-found some old cds in my car this week, put away years ago, and never listened to since. And what I got was turning back time til I was 21, and just for those few cds, everything I had lost came back.

That’s not to say I haven’t gained a hell of a lot more, but it just took me back to a very specific point in my life,  dealing with the loss of someone would I had thought would be around forever, and who would physically be there, but never as I knew them again. But here in this musical clearing in the forest I found all I had been missing for a few fleeting moments, or as long as I could press replay on my car cd player.

Anyway, talking with some friends about this*, it was funny how the same music could also take them back… we didn’t know each other then, and so it was to different points, but we had been talking about memories anyhow and so it was oddly nice to reminisce, while also acknowledge how hard it can be to go back, too, in order to come back and write about it.

Funnily enough the day I wrote this, I came across Nick Hornby’s Songbook. If you want to look at a much more articulate, and funniler, look at songs triggering memories, it’s a great little book.

As for triggers… for creativity – last night it was music: Dashboard Confessional for this one 🙂 Thankyou ladies.

* about specific bands, that truth be told, I didn’t know we all had in common. It’s always nice when that happens.

    A thousand words tumble from my tongue and cascade across the floor
As a thousand blooms open across the fields
As a thousand black birds head for the skies
As a thousand lights start to sparkle across the city
As a thousand stars reflect them in the velvety skies
As a thousand lost loves reclaim their place in the stars
As a thousand pine trees sway in silence
And a thousand fireflies spell out the words I thought I had lost

For nothing is lost forever

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