The Road of Procrastination is filled with great detours

So, last week, I was designing, and as always there’s a fair amount of procrastination built into my process. I just accept it, now, and allow time to wander, meander, take a couple hours to skulk around the Arts and Crafts Gallery in LA, while up there for experimental medical tests ( which I’ll talk about later).

And I stumbled on a couple artists I’d never seen before, that I loved the work of. Completely non text related, sadly, but never-the-less, very interesting.

Their names are Einar and Jamex De La Torre, and they make amazingly  pointed, kitsch sculptures of  blown glass, resin, and endless dollar store trinkets. The exhibition at cafam is called Borderlandia, and although I’d like to comment, frankly, they say it better,

“Borderlandia: Cultural Topography by Einar and Jamex de la Torre offers an eye-popping study of the terrain at the periphery of USA and Mexico. Conjuring up a vivid multi-polar world, the brothers create large-scale glass sculptures loaded with geopolitics and wit. Informed by their own cross-cultural encounters, the brother’s works are a visual and intellectual hybrid. Realized through the brothers’ collaboration, Borderlandia presents a fearless depiction of life and art on the fringe. Vivid imagery presented in a satirical and engaging manner boldly tackles issues of cultural duality and the melting pot of Southern California.”*

Their website (which is similarly amazing)

* from

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