Stumbling Apon…

Today I took a gamble on a gallery in the middle of Inglewood to start off a day of gallery hopping.  It turned out to be the closing reception of their first show, which opened on 10/29/10, and so a couple of glasses of yummy sparkling white wine and sausages/bacon/pancakes later (it turns out the man that owns the building owns a couple IHOPs), I was due for a nap.

Although I sadly missed the main event of Ghost Stories: Hauntings, Happenings and Curiosities, Beacon Arts Center seems to be an interesting space to watch for new work, particularly performance work and installations. There was also a closing discussion on the challenges of archiving performance work today.

Artists showing work included Rev. Ethan Acres, Juan Martin del Campo, Laura Mae deLeon, Dino Dinco, Mark Dugally, Martin Durazo, A. McLean Emenegger, Ashley Gibbons, Amy Kaps, League of Steam, Jessamyn Lynn, Milo Martin, Maggie Simpson, Jill Tracy, Gustavo Venegas, Ivo Vergara, and Dorian Wood.

Maggie Simpson’s installation of an artfully arranged coffin, that the audience are encouraged to lay down in to have their pictures taken, as though they were recently deceased, was particularly haunting and caused chills up my spine. I had to keep retaking my picture as I was a little freaked by the stillness in the coffin and kept moving.

All pictures by Elise Thompson, originally featured in this article:

And future Beacon Events:


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Claire Townsend is a freelance costume designer/maker and theatre practitioner.
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