TINSTY is an artist working and creating in Brooklyn since 2014, she graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 2003, and holds an MA from Central St Martins, from 2008.

Artists Statement

TINSTY is passionate about nature, and the deep, reflective thought that it allows. Her multimedia creations include paintings and fabric embellished canvas’ that feature recycled and found materials.  Aiming for the intersection of beauty and perception, the work is meant to encourage the awareness of environmental impermanence, and how this fleeting beauty is due, in part, to climate change.  

As an avid scuba diver, the artist has the unique opportunity to examine the ecosystem of the oceans up close, to observe first-hand the destruction to vital coral reefs caused by industrial waste, and microplastics, in particular.  The use of recycled sequins and beads alludes to the ocean as a precious and delicate luxury, while also reminding the viewer of the disproportionate damage these minuscule man-made trifles and seemingly insignificant, harmless tiny objects can cause to our largest, and perhaps most delicate, ecosystem.  

About the Blog

This is a site of inspiration for my creative work. Originally a blog all about text based art and collage, which inspired my own paint and text work, my work is veering into new directions and the blog I imagine will follow suit.

Originally my work was all collage, using disassembled advertisements to create new narratives, trying to break the sex based consumer images to create female driven narratives based on fairy tales and myths. I liked re-purposing these sale techniques to new ends, to better healthier stories, the idea of which Salmon Rushdie introduced me to in the idea of the health stories, in the book, Haroun and The Sea of Stories, as an imaginative 10 year old. I’m still interested in these types of stories, but also am exploring map making, seascapes, and kaleidoscopes, again trying to use magazines tear sheets to be repurposed into a larger picture, but also figuring out painting and fabric/ textile work.

In short, I’m looking forward to adding more of my own work to the site and using it more as a creative spring board.

1 Response to About

  1. very nice blog. i stumbled across it today and plan to read through it more when i have extra time. i too started working with text based paintings a few years back. always enjoy finding other artist with this interest. keep up the good work and i look forward to following your blog.
    derrick hickman

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